Rookies looking to lighten up Brazil

Luminell representatives in Brazil for the first time during Navalshore 2013.

Fewer Norwegian companies were present as exhibitors at Navalshore this year, and some say optimism is fading. But the Ålesund-based Norwegian cluster NCE Maritime still experiences interest from local industry, and decided to organize a trip to Brazil for six companies during the convention, that took place on August 13-14,2013. 

Innovation Norway and NCE Maritime organized a series of business meetings and presentations with yards and other potential clients for the group, and on August 13, 2013, they visited the Vard shipyard in Niteroi, where the Norwegian companies presented their products and services to procurement manager Alice Oliveira. Vard has 10 shipbuilding facilities around the world. Two are located in Brazil while five are located in Norway.

It is the very first time that Ole Jacob Hanken and Kenneth Eilertsen, the sales team from Luminell, decided to join in. Luminell provides floodlight solutions for vessels and platforms.

“We are here to try to find out how we can proceed in the Brazilian market. We are witnessing a great increase in the construction of the kind of vessels we supply floodlight solutions for, and believe we have something to offer. But we have to be humble, and have come to learn”, says Ole Jacob Hanken, head of sales at Luminell.

We are here to find a way to do business that makes sense in a Brazil and are looking for the right business partner, Ole Jacob Hanken, head of sales, and Kenneth Eilertsen, sales manager, say.The company offers LED floodlight solutions to vessels and cranes, and the main benefits is the powerful illumination and the low power consumption.


“We can deliver “daylight on deck”. This means increased security for the crew, who stays more awake and alert, more effective operations, less risk, reduced fuel consumptions and reduced cost of maintenance, as our solutions are maintenance free”, Mr. Hanken says.


According to company estimates the power consumption is reduced by 79 percent and the emissions reduction per year equals the emissions of 28 cars.


The DOF vessels being built at Vard right now will have Luminell floodlight on deck, and Mr. Hanken is also hoping to provide the four new DOF pipelay support vessels that will operate in Brazilian waters for Petrobras, with their solutions.


“DOF has chosen our solutions on three anchor handling vessels under construction in Brazil, and worldwide DOF has 10-15 vessels with our floodlight on board. Many choose to retrofit existing solutions, a choice that will pay off in about 1,5 year.”

Eldar Eilertsen was heading the Norwegian delegation during the business visits (photo). He is the project manager for the international department at NCE Maritime.

“Based on the requests and interest from the companies in the delegation, we tried to schedule meetings they would find useful”, he explains.

In addition to Luminell, Ventiq, Plany, Icd Software and Metizoft participated in the delegation.

Ventiq offers valves and cargo tank ventilation systems for tankers and offshore vessels. Plany supplies canvas solutions for weather production offshore, like cargo deck covers and roller doors. Icd Software develops control systems.

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By Runa Hestmann Tierno, NBCC journalist



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